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Writing is thinking. And being well informed is critical to business-writing success. We recommend reading good writing and gathering solid, well sourced, reliable information. The publications and links below and at left are resources we use — we encourage aspiring writers to use them too.

Informative Articles
on Business Writing

Writing a Winning Business Proposal—Business Writers' Blog.
This article succinctly describes the core essentials of any business proposal. The article allows any business writer to quickly see a general proposal framework.

Eight Things That Make Your Business Pitch Weak—Business Writers' Blog.
Every writer gets caught up in their own prose and has a hard time seeing weaknesses in their copy. This article points out some major and common flaws in business pitches that interfere with the chances of success.

Three Great Business Blogging Articles: Business Blogging Marketing Kit— Hubspot

More Business-Writing Resources
of Interest

Business Writing Tips — If you're interested in learning how to be a better business writer, please peruse our business-writing tips and:

  • Business Writers' Blog—Here David Speaker offers practical writing suggestions for the business community.

  • Business Planning Resources and Links — If you're developing a business plan for your business idea or enterprise you may find this list of practical business planning aids useful.

    Policy and Procedure Writing and Planning Resources — If you're developing policies or procedures for your business enterprise you may find these guidelines for writing policies and procedures, and related links, useful.

    Creating User-Friendly Business Agreements—It Can be Done! Have hard-to-understand,
    lawyer-prepared agreements and documents scared off prospective business
    partners or customers? See illuminating commentary on avoiding this common problem!   

    Why should you ensure your business transactions are properly documented and
    well written? See the Surprising Answers.

    Why should your business' writing be in "plain English"? Learn about this
    important business writing discipline, and its effect on your bottom line.

    For other information, commentary, and useful links of general interest, please visit

    We welcome your comments about, business writing, and our blog posts.