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Some Testimonials for Probizwriters

We enjoy working with our clients and they often provide feedback on their experience working with us. Below are some comments we appreciate.

"Thank you for the truly outstanding new cover letter! You received high praises from the candidate and she was extremely pleased with the new version."

M. Belostock, New Jersey, USA, January, 2018

"When I asked you to deal with a circumstance demanding urgent attention, and work quickly to meet a deadline that offered you a few short hours to evaluate what was needed and produce a well-organized cover letter, you accepted the assignment and maintained control to deliver an outstanding revised letter.

Words cannot adequately express my gratitude for everything you've done to help me out—all that is left to say is you're truly a kind and outstanding professional. My many thanks again."

M. Belostock, New Jersey, USA, December, 2017

"I really like this edit of my pitch/proposal to Wal-Mart, and appreciate your feedback. I didn't expect such valuable feedback, and your comments are very valid advice. I read your edits/revision many times and every time I read your version I'm amazed how great the work you did on my proposal is, and I'm glad I reached out to you."

Brian Choi, Texas , USA, December, 2017

"I reviewed the document, I didn't read all the way through but I'm so glad I found your service and chose you to do the job. It came out so much better than expected. You did a great job; your wording is exceptional and executed perfectly—your writing skills are exceptional. Where can I post a positive rating on your work?"

Honestly, I was kind of lost trying to find an editor with legal expertise to help me with a document I wrote myself as a pro se litigant with no legal experience. I was very hesitant and didn't know what to expect in hiring an editor. I looked at many editing services that didn't have the right background.

Thankfully I stumbled on your Probizwriters' website, and you began working with me right away to complete the task. I am so very pleased, couldn't be any happier, and so glad I found Probizwriters."

Holly in Vermont, USA, March, 2017

"I thought you did a brilliant job on writing this letter to [the White House] engaging the new administration's interest in our technology."

James Smith in West Virginia, USA, January, 2017
James E. Smith, Ph. D., CEng, FIMechE, FSAE, FASME
Professor and Director
Center for Industrial Research Applications
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department
College of Engineering and Mineral Resources
West Virginia University
Morgantown, WV

"Thanks very much. I have reviewed the letter [to the British Prime Minister] and it's just perfect. It has captured everything and the ton[e] is just perfect. It has been a pleasure working with you and I pray we continue doing the same to the final completion of the case. We couldn't have done so brilliantly without you. You have been a blessing and an asset to the Zimbabweans at a crucial time like this. You have been put in this place for the time like these."

Eunice King, UK, January, 2017

"To be honest with you, I am very satisfied with the way you arranged the letter. Everything as arranged was spot on. I am more than satisfied with your work and am happy I emailed you for assistance. Thank you again for your sincere advice and for the way to made this all come together with ease and low stress. Thank you for assisting me in resolving what has truly been a nightmare for me."

Fred in South Carolina, USA, October, 2015

"VERY NICE — The summary/proposal document is much more and much better than I asked or expected. Thanks for the excellent work."

Neil in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA, October, 2015

"Dude, I took a look at the Word doc. You freakin' rock. You are SO ON THE RIGHT TRACK! Keep up the good work."

Preston in Ohio, USA, August, 2015

"Perfect! Thank you so much!! You are seriously the best!!"

Heather Martin in Miami Florida, USA, July, 2015

"Awesome. You are wonderful. Exactly what I wanted. Thanks."

James Smith in West Virginia, USA, June, 2015
James E. Smith, Ph. D., CEng, FIMechE, FSAE, FASME
Professor and Director
Center for Industrial Research Applications
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department
College of Engineering and Mineral Resources
West Virginia University
Morgantown, WV

"Fantastic job on the 4 descriptions. You really got up to speed quickly and your descriptions are warm, compassionate and inviting. I could not have expected anything better."

Preston in Ohio, USA, May, 2015

"I've read through the narrative and I am very happy with the way you've presented the details of the incidents to suit my case. You have done an excellent job and thus, a revision will not be needed. My application is now ready. You cannot imagine how relieved I am. I wish to thank you very much for your time and the effort you've put in to deliver this project to a high standard and on time. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Your help has been invaluable to me and I am very grateful. I shall not hesitate to contact you again for future projects."

Larsen in London, UK, February, 2015

"I have looked at the letter and it is exactly what I want. It explains short and sweet what I would like the business to know. You did a great job in creating the letter. I am very satisfied. Now I only hope I can get the business off the ground."

Cheryl in Plattsburgh, NY, February, 2015

"Letter is perfect. More than I expected. I am very satisfied. Again, thank you very much. I will contact you again definitely for any future letters/writings I may need help with."

Edouard, Port St. Lucie FL, June, 2014

"Probizwriters created a key document explaining an IBM topic called SONAS, which is an IBM Premier Cloud solution, and did an excellent job intermixing business value with technology innovation topics—and prepared a top-notch paper. I find Probizwriters highly qualified for any organizing and writing tasks. They are very professional, very timely and produce quality work that we are proud of. I highly recommend them."

Mike, IBM, Cleveland OH, September, 2014

"Thank you so much, David! As always, with just a few flicks of your magic pen, you've made the letter so much better."

Farida in San Diego, CA, September, 2013

"All praise for the outstanding letter goes to the author, David Speaker. By the way, [my client] was over the moon with joy once he read your work, and I want to share a tiny portion of [his] feedback. He expressed being extremely pleased and stated it's "remarkable — eloquent — Im thrilled."

Margaret in New Jersey, October, 2013

"The documents look great. Again, outstanding work! I love the layouts on the exhibit. I can put it to good use. I have read through the agreement. This is wonderful writing, it fits perfectly into everything I needed. This agreement is perfect! Truly Outstanding! Well Done, I couldn't ask for anything more."

Stephen Schumacher in Texas, September, 2013

"Over the past four years I have had the pleasure to work with David creating course material and standards for college, residential, and commercial fire safety. His editing ensured condensed, accurate, and easy-to-read information. After working with Probizwriters, I would not release a document into market without Probizwriters' editing. David Speaker is the best editor I've seen."

December 9, 2011, Terry Flanagan, Director of Education and Certification, NIFAST - National Institute of Fire And Safety Training

"I just finished reading parts 1, 2, and 3. Brilliant work, David! Bravo on another brilliant evisceration of Pelosicare! We really appreciate your insight, research, focus, clearly written papers, sense of humor (and appropriate outrage!) and furiously typing fingers! I completely agree that we need to distribute your papers far and wide!!! You lay out the case and the dire consequences so clearly! The papers will be great ammunition for those who still have friends and relatives who need to be re-educated about the importance of protecting our freedom before we lose it! Your rare, meticulous and conscientious nature shines through in your work and emails and is much appreciated!!! Thank you again for all of your hard work! Let's hope your mighty pen can save the Republic before it is too late!"

Brenda Buhler
Dana Walsh For Congress
1592 Union Street
San Francisco, CA 94123

"Dear David,
First of all, I am so impressed and inspired by your [health care white] paper! It is such a delight to read your work! You should write a book! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW WONDERFUL the health care white papers are! I let my mom peek at an excerpt and she was so comforted to know SOMEONE is getting it right. It can get very lonely out here for us conservatives in San Francisco!"

Lucia Vandenhof
Campaign Coordinator
Dana Walsh For Congress
1592 Union Street
San Francisco, CA 94123

"Dear David,
My dad wept like a baby. He and my mom were clearly moved in an extremely significant way. Happily, so was [my brother] Gabe! Thank you for making this the best Christmas ever. David, touché, you captured the essence of the man and the story extremely well!"

Mike Orazen, December 25, 2009 (after his father and mother received a book we wrote about their family business and its history).

Executive Director United States C's Association, 7/14/10 — "I really enjoyed working with David. We have a conversation, he creates the document, and it's done."

Anne Macindoe, Principal, Cluey Consulting (Copywriting Experts), Melbourne AU – May 2, 2010 – “ I came to know David through a shared project and was impressed by his client focus and marketing insight. David's high quality writing is complemented by a strong business acumen and I have found him to be approachable, punctual and easy to work with."

Douglas D. Benns, Chairman, Victory Solutions, LLC – “In my marketing consulting practice I regularly recommend that my clients produce sophisticated, highly professional business documents to advance marketing and business-development objectives. Yet, my clients rarely have the expertise needed to produce such top-of-the-line documents. Mr. Speaker has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to quickly grasp the circumstances, deliver needed documents, and exceed my clients' expectations. Probizwriters is a tremendous asset to my practice and my clients."

Richard French, Jr., Esq. – “I was thrilled to hear that you (David Speaker) are finally offering your finest talent to the business community via Probizwriters … I’ve known you for many years and you were always among the very best legal writers I know.  There’s little doubt that business people of all stripes need to improve their writing, and you’re just the guy to help them.  Congratulations, I’m sure your services will be very beneficial to your business clients’ bottom line, and very much in demand.”

Peter C. Vanucci, Chairman / CEO, Woodglen Crossing, Inc. – “During the past 15 years I have worked with Mr. Speaker on numerous occasions.  His ability to reduce complex or cumbersome procedures to incisive, concise and direct documentation while preserving the intent of the transaction has been invaluable.  When, all too often, documentation or procedures tend to obfuscate or hinder a process, his ability to clarify facilitates the process.”

Michael C. Voll, Owner, mIR Medical Imaging, Inc. – “ProBizWriters worked with us to develop an effective sales support documents package for our medical imaging business that made it easier for our customers to complete the process of buying or leasing one of our imaging systems. It significantly reduced the time needed to explain 'the paperwork' to our clients.”

Philip S. Miller — Commercial Lender / Developer – “I've dealt with so many lawyers over the years I lost count, and I've paid them millions to write for me, but the best business writer I've seen in my 50 years in business is David Speaker. His Probizwriters service has been pivotal in securing many of our transactions. The clarity, organization, and thoroughness of the proposals and transaction documents he's produced made all the difference. We'll be using Mr. Speaker's expertise often. He and Probizwriters carry our highest recommendation to any business person striving to get the most out of their business writing.”

Probizwriters—Critical Information Delivery

Making the Best Use of What You Know — Whether you want to educate, inform, persuade, or create a record, we can transform what you know (and what you don't) into a very useful (and profitable) tool. Our job is to enable you to deliver decision-critical information to your audience in exactly the right way.

We'll handle any business document you need, save your team valuable time, and deliver quality and strong value.

Properly Delegated Business Writing Saves Time and Improves Your Performance.