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Successful sales programs empower sales associates to be their best. A well-organized sales manual is an indispensable empowerment tool that provides structure, organization and resources. Not quite sure how to explain your sales program in an engaging, interesting, and compelling way? PBW's sales manual writing service is a useful option when you need a powerful manual, but don't have the time or organizational focus to produce it on your own.

A lot of thought goes into organizing and writing a great sales manual—after all, to work properly it has to do many things well.

We write sales manuals of all types with a single mission:
to empower your sales team as organized, persuasive advocates of your products and services.

What Does a Solid Sales Manual Do?

Part of it is giving sales teams tools and information needed to effectively conduct sales activities. It's also about getting team members on the same page, getting them all to understand how it's done, follow processes, and conform to standards. Some of it is establishing regular order to conduct the sales operation, which enables intelligent performance and results tracking.

Sales managers accomplish these things by creating, using, and regularly updating a trusted "go-to" sales manual to guide and instruct sales associates—one that clearly reveals the sales program's essentials, mechanics, processes, procedures, and methods in an effective, supportive way.

We're talking about the guidebook that delivers results because it's used and followed (and easy to understand)—the sales manual that sales people want to use because it makes them better at what they do.

A thorough, organized, well-produced sales manual:

  1. Shows your sales associates how to do their job.
  2. Maximizes sales, improves productivity.
  3. Allows your sales force to know what you know, and company history.
  4. Gives your teams the confidence, style and integrity they need to interact effectively with customers.
  5. Reveals your company's guiding principles.
  6. Acts as a resource and step-by-step guide for sales associates.
  7. Lets you get your own work done.

Getting it Done —

Writing Sales Manuals Takes Clear Expression and Great Organization.

Sales managers know they need that manual to streamline and effectively manage their team. But finding the time, energy, or focus to write it themselves is a real challenge.

You know how to sell and all about the company's sales processes, you have the answers, and you instruct your team daily and repeatedly. But maybe business writing isn't your strength, even if you did have the time.

Sound familiar?

Want to increase sales and streamline your team's productivity?

Need to get organized and stop wasting time? We'll help you write a sales manual that truly meets your needs. We're happy to be your sales manual writer.

Why do this on your own? Why keep putting it off? Combine your sales knowledge and our writing expertise—a practical combination that'll increase your sales.

If you don’t have time to craft effective sales manual copy, content, or analysis over your signature, we’re here to help, confidentially.  Make the right impression in your sales manual, strengthen your sales team, and get results. Request a free quote today for our sales manual writing service.

Articles on Developing Sales Manuals:

Today people offer insightful ideas about many aspects of developing and writing sales manuals, and how to best accomplish sales team training objectives. Here are some instructive articles on writing for sales manuals:

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A thorough and well-designed sales manual is a particularly important resource for your sales team's success—it's where sales associates get a big part of their training, the answers and reliable information they need to do their job, and the structure necessary to ensure reliable performance.

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