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Meet Professional Business Writer and Editor David K. Speaker ... our Writer-in-Chief

Probizwriters' Executive Editor and Director of Strategic Communications


I launched Probizwriters, LLC to address a clear need in the business community for solid, top-of-the-line professional writing, which I had observed through many years of law practice and business consulting. Despite this need, I found that most businesses don't know the advantages offered by reliable business writers.

After graduating Magna Cum Laude in business finance from Texas Christian University in 1978, I worked as a contract analyst for General Dynamics, Fort Worth Division, and went on to serve as an editor of two law journals while attending law school at University of Southern California. During law school, and before returning to Cleveland in 1984, I worked with several prominent Los Angeles law firms, assisted the author of a major legal treatise on employment law, and authored several published business-related articles.

I opened my private law practice in 1986, with the aim of transitioning into business and entrepreneurial management and management consulting. Through 20 years of lawyering, and more recently as a management consultant, I’ve acquired extensive experience in meeting the communication, development, and legal needs of closely held and rapidly growing businesses. My emphasis has always been providing business solutions through clear communication, contract management, orderly business documentation, accurate data sourcing and compilation, and the liberation of business owners from reliance on the judiciary and the legal industry.

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Because of my expertise in legal writing and editing, the firm was often hired to edit and revise contracts, legal documents, and appellate briefs to transform them into a simple, direct, and understandable style—effective business communication. I also provided contractual and statutory interpretation services.

From this experience I've learned that most conflict and disputes, and a lot of business errors, are avoidable—when parties communicate effectively in the first place, or take steps to properly document a business occurrence or interaction. I also realized that most business executives and professionals routinely suffer the consequences of insufficient business writing, because they don't have the time to devote to this important business function or don't recognize its importance.

Years ago, I grew weary of lawyering (after securing a wealth of experience), came to view the system as dysfunctional) and left it behind to consult, write and pursue more interesting, productive, and rewarding business ventures. Since then I have worked within entrepreneurial enterprises as a management consultant focusing on implementing administrative, contractual, and communication systems. From mineral mines in Death Valley CA to high-tech digital directories, to non-chemical HVAC water treatment systems, to online education systems for fire safety, and high-profile political campaigns, I've covered a lot of ground. 


Over the years I have advised, consulted, collaborated and fenced with entrepreneurs, inventors, executives at all levels, government officials, legislators, judges, attorneys, accountants, consultants, investors, marketing gurus, business owners, managers, political candidates, and countless regular folks. So I understand these varied audiences and their diverse perspectives. This informs, enriches, and tempers my writing and communication. I’m an expert at gathering (researching) and distilling information, and delivering that information to a certain audience in an audience-appropriate-and-defined format. I have developed the rare ability to quickly and efficiently aggregate information according to prescribed formulas using leading-edge information tools. This is what I did for two decades as a lawyer.  

As a consequence, my clients and co-venturers regularly called on me to act as writer / editor-in-chief, and chief data compiler, because they knew I had the ability. Simple, complex—marketing, legal, corporate—it didn’t matter. I was the document-writing expert among them who could efficiently gather information, distill ideas, identify concepts, polish, and present them.

My organization and communication enabled these businesses to walk through Fortune 500 and government doors that would have otherwise remained closed, and seize other previously elusive opportunities. After years of doing this as an adjunct to legal services, I realized that anyone communicating for business, economic, professional, political or problem-solving purposes can benefit from independent writing and research expertise.

Probizwriters was the logical answer. Spreading my wings through Probizwriters, LLC we provide these business-writing skills on a much broader basis—for the business community generally. A long odyssey among entrepreneurs, executives, consultants, lawyers, and judges, combined with expertise in contract drafting and business research, and a focus on plain-language writing uniquely qualify me and Probizwriters as expert business writers and information managers.    

Through Probizwriters, LLC, I now humbly offer high-quality, properly-sourced writing to you.

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