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Business Grant Writing—Loan and Funding Proposals

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Seeking a Government or Foundation Grant?   Applying for Enterprise Development Funds?

Writing a grant or loan proposal can be a daunting task, especially if you’re overworked and understaffed.  Many private and publicly funded grant and business loan opportunities are missed every day because most can’t focus or devote the time. 

Successful grant writing requires methodical preparation.  The time needed to coordinate, research, organize, write, and present your proposal can be significant.  Have these factors prevented you from seeking grants or enterprise development funds for which you qualify?   

Probizwriters is here to assist you in all aspects of grant proposal development and presentation:

  • RFP Review & Analysis
  • Grant Availability Research — Sourcing
  • Proposal Outline
  • Program Planning & Design
  • Narrative Development
  • Proposal Editorial Review
  • Proposal Writing & Editing
  • Information Gathering & Organization
  • Proposal Management

Did you Know That States and Counties Offer Numerous Enterprise Development Programs?

There are hundreds of publicly and privately sponsored loan and grant programs are available to businesses through state and local enterprise development departments. The variety of these programs is very broad. Governments have a strong interest in promoting and securing positive economic activity in their jurisdictions, but they don’t do such a great job of getting the word out, and for most businesses this application process is foreign territory.

We’re experts at walking you through the application process, and ensuring that all your documents are composed and presented in a manner and format that will maximize your approval prospects. Probizwriters is here to assist in the process of getting your application documentation in order, properly written, and packaged for submission. We are also able to help you discern which of the many programs available is most suitable for your circumstances.

ProBizWriters can help if you —

  • Don’t have the time or personnel to manage the project.
  • Lack familiarity with the grant, or enterprise development loan process.
  • Are unsure about information required or how to organize and present it.
  • Don’t understand Grant or Enterprise Development Loan requirements.
  • Lack good writing, presentation, or organization skills.
  • Seek a professional tone and appearance.
  • Want to ensure that your proposal is responsive and complies with submission protocol.

For grant and loan proposals, mind-numbing, complex, inefficient writing has real costs. It wastes time, fosters mistakes and confusion, scuttles communication, and acts as a bottleneck to success in economic transactions.

Take control - let a professional business writer make the difference.

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