Our Writing Philosophy

A Simple, Direct Approach to Business Writing

Our Role:

We help businesses, entrepreneurs, individuals, associations, and campaigns establish and build credibility, through their written presentation.

Our Purpose:

As writers, we deliver clarity and effectiveness in business communication. As editors, we eliminate sloppy phrases and useless words—and the confused readers, wasted time, lost opportunities, conflict, or hopeless lawsuits they foster.

Our Focus and Expertise:

We conceive and develop top-of-the-line business communication tools; we write and manage business documents. As specialists, we work with clients to ensure documents are well-written, easy to understand, audience appropriate, properly sourced, highly usable for their intended purpose, and accessible to those who need them.

Effective business writers focus on and understand the reader—the ineffective don't.

A simple, direct writing style better serves the reader and the object, but requires more work.

We approach writing assignments with three goals:

  1. — Properly research the subject.
  2. — Logically organize the material.
  3. — Present it in plain English.

Our writing philosophy and jargon-free clarity serve your enterprise's writing and communication objectives.

What is Plain English?
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