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David K. Speaker is a professional business writer, editor, content-development consultant, and strategic business communications and documentation expert. He's a specialist in corporate-governance and policy, business planning, and market and business research and analysis, and former business attorney with over 35 years' experience serving the management, organizational, contractual, and communication needs of businesses, entrepreneurs and institutions.

Mr. Speaker is Founder and Executive Editor of Probizwriters, LLC (, a U.S.-based business-writing, editing, document-management, and research consultancy offering businesses, institutions, and entrepreneurs across North America and around the world independent writing and research expertise (particularly in areas like marketing, economic/financial, policy/procedure and standards/process manuals, professional, governance, political, education/training, investor relations, problem-solving/conflict-management and positioning communication). He launched Probizwriters to address a clear need in the business community—observed through many years of law practice and business consulting—for top-of-the-line professional writing and organizational documentation.

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After graduating Magna Cum Laude in business finance from Texas Christian University  (M.J. Neeley School of Business - BBA, 1978)[1], David worked as a contract analyst for General Dynamics, Fort Worth Division (builder of the F-16 fighter aircraft, now Lockheed-Martin)[2], and went on to serve as editor of two law journals[3] while attending law school at University of Southern California  (Gould School of Law - Juris Doctor, 1982[4] ). During law school, and before returning to Ohio in 1984, he worked with several prominent Los Angeles law firms (Karns & Karabian [former California Assemblyman and Majority Leader Walter J. Karabian] and Paul Hastings Janofsky & Walker), assisted the author of a major legal treatise on employment law ("Employment Discrimination Law", Schlei & Grossman - the official book of the American Bar Association in its field), and authored several published business-related articles, including "Taxation of Multi-jurisdictional Corporations" and "Cable Television Franchising", Entertainment, Publishing and the Arts Handbook (Clark Boardman Company, Ltd., now a Thompson-Reuters publication).

Over the years Mr. Speaker has advised a wide variety of businesses including, e.g., financial institutions, water treatment system designers, material handling wholesalers, software developers, real estate and hotel developers, manufacturers, inventors, construction contractors, mortgage brokers, doctors, bankers, among many others.  Mr. Speaker has also served on a number of corporate boards, and as in-house legal counsel to a Nevada mineral mining company, a high-tech e-commerce company, and a number of Ohio manufacturers. Since early 2018, Mr. Speaker has served as Chief Communications Officer, Executive Editor and Director of Strategic Communications for two startups providing the medical-cannabis industry with online digital communication platforms.

Speaker has a proven track record as a successful business consultant, information manager and strategist. He has the ability to interpret and speak to the unique perspectives of multi-faceted audiences. He now brings this experience to Probizwriters' clients, aiding their concept development and communication management.

Mr. Speaker now serves as National Communications Director and Managing Editor for EM2P2, Inc. and its CannaLnx Platform (a software-development company delivering digital process and communication solutions serving the medical-cannabis industry), and is a strategic communications consultant to CannaScripts, Inc. (which offers medical-cannabis education/benefits/savings programs through Members First Health Network (MFHN), and is the only medical-benefits service within MFHN in the medical-cannabis space). He leads both companies' external and web-based communications, internal information management, corporate governance and policy development, contract management, and educational and content-development programs. He previously served as National Communications Director and Managing Editor for The United States Coaches Association, where he led this nationwide association's external and web-based communications, its internal information management, and its educational content-development programs.

David has also consulted for a Chinese exporting consortium and brand licensing broker based in Shanghai and Singapore regarding the nature and extent of the U.S. natural stone and related markets. Here Mr. Speaker's communication, information management, and strategic expertise aided in the development of U.S. market information, sales channels, and liaisons with U.S. stone industry counterparts for China's natural stone and related export industries. He's also consulted with a leading Chinese olive-oil import organization in Hong Kong regarding the development of strategic business relationships.

Mr. Speaker's articles on business planning have been published in national trade journals, his political white papers have been broadly disseminated by national political campaigns and trade associations as strategic information tools, and his fire-safety white papers are published by non-profit organizations to educate university, corporate, and institutional administrators.

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[1] The Princeton Review, a New York-based education services company, profiles the Neeley School as one of the top schools in the nation in the 2007 edition of the “Best 282 Business Schools.” Neeley ranked #9 in Best Campus Facilities.

"We chose schools for this book based on our high regard for their academic programs and offerings, institutional data we collect from the schools, and the candid opinions of students attending them who rate and report on their campus experiences at the schools," said Robert Franek, Princeton Review vice president of publishing. "We are pleased to recommend TCU's Neeley School of Business to readers of our book and users of our website as one of the best institutions they could attend to earn an MBA."

While attending the Neeley School of Business Mr. Speaker served as a research analyst for the TCU Educational Investment Fund, managing over $760,000.00 in assets, during its 3rd and 4th  years.  The fund, started in 1973, exists to this day, is the grand daddy of all Student Investment Funds,  and is now worth approximately $1.6 million.   David Speaker is one of the 950 students who have benefited from this unique educational experience in the last 42 years.  The program, admission to which is highly competitive, consistently produces graduates who go on to pursue top-level positions throughout the world of finance.  The EIF was the first true student-run fund whose operations are controlled entirely by student managers.  Since its inception, the Fund has represented an innovative approach to education in finance, allowing students to gain hands-on, real world experience in investment management.  Since 1973 several universities have realized the benefits of such a program, and have designed similar programs using the EIF as a model.  Over the past several years, institutions such as UCLA, Rice University, Columbia University, and the University of Chicago have contacted TCU regarding the development of a student-run portfolio program.

[2] One of the U.S.' principal military contractors (Fort Worth Div. acquired by Lockheed in the early 1990s, now Lockheed Martin Aeronautics), and builder of the F-16 Fighter Aircraft.

[3] Notes and Articles Editor: USC Law Major Tax Planning Journal, Notes and Articles Editor: USC Law Computer Law Journal

[4] Consistently recognized as one of the nation's top law schools, USC Law has established a century-long tradition of excellence sustained by rigorous academic programs and research initiatives.  USC Law has only 200 graduates per year. 

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