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What is a White Paper?

Writing a white paper is smart for business. White Papers are a highly useful communication, sales, and marketing tool, commonly used by politicians and businesses, typically presented as an authoritative report or guide. They often advocate a specific position or policy, or explain a solution to a problem, and frequently introduce technology, innovations, and products, and detail the attendant facts, benefits, and risks. With roots in governmental policy, White Papers have become a common tool used to introduce technology innovations and products.

Usually designed to provide a reliable foundation for action by decision makers, a good white paper educates its readers about how a problem can be solved. Good white papers can serve as justification for implementing a particular solution.

More definitions here and here.

What are White Papers Used For?

White papers convey useful information in sufficient detail to competently inform or persuade. They can present information about how or why something functions, act as a customer information resource, or tell a story about subjects the market needs education in.

Political candidates and office holders find that white papers are an effective mechanism for presenting a detailed analysis of campaign or legislative issues, and arguing a policy position or proposed solutions for those issues. Political white papers are also often used to zero in on an opponent's shortcomings.

White papers are used as lead generators; these are commonly called marketing white papers. They can also be used to demonstrate thought leadership (revealing forward thinking or the validity of a future vision), or to close sales (often as a sales meeting "leave behind"). Decisionmakers rely on white papers when researching solutions to problems.

If the information is valuable enough, white papers can generate revenue as a stand-alone profit center—by selling the document itself to the public (rather than selling the subject of the white paper).

Why Use White Papers Now?

White Papers help businesses generate leads and distinguish themselves, especially during economic downtimes. When the economy slows (or melts down), businesses suffer and the pressure is on to market effectively, smartly. The time to write and use marketing white papers is before the enonomy rebounds.  Here’s why.


After major economic downturns in 2002 and 2008, white papers became exceptionally powerful marketing tools—helping businesses sell “under the radar” to frugal customers. Tools that deliver educational resources to customers, rather than overt sales tactics.  

As “tuned in” businesses secured great results through white papers, white paper use dramatically increased overnight, and thousands of white papers were written to help businesses stand out.

White papers present an enormous opportunity for your business right now. Any business that sells to other businesses is a prospect for white papers (they’re not just used by tech companies). The fact is, thousands of businesses use white papers as efficient marketing mechanisms.

Seven Ways White Papers
Can Generate Business

  • Online Syndication — White papers can be distributed through online networks to generate leads, and serve as a call to action.
  • Presentations — Sales people and executives can use white papers for presentations, meetings, and conferences, both as the basis of a speech and as a handout.
  • Mail and Email — They can be mailed and emailed to customers and prospects, enhancing customer and market communication.
  • Website — Posting white papers on your website increases traffic and educates those seeking useful information.
  • Newsletters, Ezines, and Press Releases — A white paper provides solid, interesting information to enhance the impact of these communication tools, usually as attachments.
  • Trade Show Tool — Trade show attendees look for useful information, not fluff; white papers at trade shows distinguish your organization.
  • Information Premium — White papers can be offered as a “free giveaway” in lead-generation campaigns.

How are White Papers Best Presented?

Unfortunately, many businesses that could use white papers don't, and many businesses that do produce white papers don't maximize their utility, or they leave readers struggling.

The trick is to present the information in a way that keeps readers reading, instead of boring them instantly, or scaring them away. Highly relevant content is one essential part of the task. The other is presentation, visual appeal, and user-friendliness. You don't want your white paper to sound like a sales pitch or read like a legal or scientific document.

With the right layout and design, critical information can be transformed into a high value business tool. A good white paper writer masters layout techniques, and never presents a dull document.

To be useful, White Papers must also be accessible. Staging the landing page for your white paper can be critical — does it offer enough of a glimpse to make the sale?


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When writing a business white paper or a marketing white paper, focus on your readers' needs.

People who read white papers are usually looking for solutions to problems, so clearly identifying the problems addressed up front will improve the paper's effectiveness.

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White papers are effective tools when carefully crafted.

If your company could benefit from developing quality white papers, or you need an expert white-paper writer to refine and improve an existing white paper, Probizwriters welcomes your inquiry.

White Papers By Probizwriters

Recent white papers written by Probizwriters include one on university fire liability for a fire-safety education provider, and a series on health-care reform issues, and anti-incumbent pieces, produced for a leading California Congressional candidate: