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What is an eBook?

Business and corporate eBooks are a great way to engage and inform those who are or may be interested in your business. They are long-form content informational tools that enable authors to provide in-depth coverage of topics important to their customers in a convenient and highly accessible format. They build audiences and your business' credentials and reputation as subject-matter experts, and are a very important communication channel for businesses of all types. If you want to your business' expertise to be recognized and found online, a business eBook gives you that opportunity. This not only engages readers, it improves your company's SEO rankings, develops a reputation for thought leadership, and generates valuable leads for your sales team.

There are plenty of resources available to guide you through the eBook process and recommended best practices. Today, if you need to get your story out and deliver well-organized pertinent information about your business or your products and services to the market, eBooks is something to embrace, not avoid. A lot of work goes into the creation of an eBook that attracts, well-serves, and impresses readers. Yes, its true that most busy business owners and executives lack the time to write and manage the development of eBooks — but with the assistance of skilled eBook writers, any business can create an impactful eBook.

What are eBooks Used For?

Creating attractive, relevant eBooks can increase your impact, reach, and influence, which is why so many business owners and executives are increasingly using them. A good eBook allows your business to share a wealth of ideas and information with a variety of interested audiences. With the right distribution tools an enterprise can maximize its impact and influence by educating the market.

Because content is king, what you say and how you say it have everything to do with whether your eBook accomplishes its mission. Great content merged with the right distribution tools can take your business to another level of visibility and interactivity.

Whether producing an eBook internally to foster idea exchange, knowledge development, and information tracking, or externally to provide readers with relevant current information, eBook form and substance are important to whether your eBook is noticed and whether it’s trusted (credible). After all, if your enterprise’s eBook isn’t establishing trust and credibility as it disseminates information, you're probably wasting your time.

eBook Best Practices

To make your eBook worth the effort, and ensure its success, here are some basic enterprise eBook “best practices” to guide you:

  • Understand your audience. Know what they’re looking for.

  • Deliver ideas and information they can really use.

  • Ensure your eBook is well written, and hire a good editor or writer to assist if these are not skill sets you or your team have.

  • Understand your purpose. Limit what you want to accomplish with your eBook. Don’t try to be all things to all people.

  • Stay focused on your purpose and your audience in choosing your topics. Your readers will come back again and again if they know they’re likely to find useful ideas written in an honest voice. This consistency generates loyalty and trust, and perceived authority. It also leads to expanded readership.

  • Deliver original ideas and exceptional content that have value to your intended audience.

  • Ensure that your eBook interface permits readers to submit comments and view comments made by others in real time. This renders the eBook far more dynamic, generates useful feedback, and improves SEO rankings.
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    Why Write eBooks Now?

    A good business eBook helps businesses reach out to customers, suppliers, employees, and other audiences on a substantive and targeted basis. This distinguishes the eBook author and enhances the enterprise's identity. When the economy slows (or melts down), businesses suffer and the pressure is on to market effectively, smartly.  The time to develop and use a good corporate eBook is now.  Here’s why.


    Business eBooks have become exceptionally powerful marketing tools – helping businesses sell “under the radar” to connecte, information-hungry customers.  Tools that deliver educational resources, candid experience, and information to customers, rather than overt sales tactics.  

    As “tuned in” businesses secured great results through business eBooks, eBook use dramatically increased, and thousands of eBooks are now written to help businesses stand out.

    eBooks present an enormous opportunity for your business right now.  Any business that sells to other businesses is a prospect for a solid business eBook (they’re not just used by tech companies).  The fact is, thousands of businesses use eBooks as effective communication and marketing mechanisms.

    How are Business eBooks Best Presented?

    Unfortunately, many businesses that could develop and benefit from eBooks don't, and many businesses that do produce corporate or business eBook don't maximize their utility, or they leave readers struggling.

    The trick is to present information in a way that keeps readers reading, instead of boring them instantly, or scaring them away. Highly relevant content is one essential part of the task. The other is presentation, visual appeal, and user-friendliness. You don't want your eBook to sound like a sales pitch, and you don't want to sound too informal either. You want it to read professionally and deliver business credibility.

    With the right layout and design, critical information can be transformed into a high value business tool. A good eBook writer masters layout techniques, and never presents a dull eBook post.

    To be useful, your business eBook must also be accessible. Staging the landing page for your eBook can be critical - does it offer enough of a glimpse to make the sale?




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    Business eBooks are an effective, rewarding practice.

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    "With the rise of tablet and e-reader popularity, ebooks are only growing in popularity. According to a newly released report by Pew Internet , in mid-December 2011, 17% of American adults had reported they read an ebook in the previous year; by February, 2012, the share increased to 21%. While we've always considered ebooks to be one of the best lead-gen content assets at a marketer's disposal, the fact that on-the-go content is only carving out more of a place in today's increasingly mobile world makes them an even smarter choice as a marketing offer."

    — Blogger Pamela Vaughan, Hubspot