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The keys to any contract's1 success are:

1.) An exchange of consideration, and

2.) That the parties and a reasonable third party—the anticipated readers like judges or bureaucrats—can understand exactly what the bargain is with little effort.

As expert business and technical writers we express the parties' intentions and bargain better than most lawyers we know.  (We’ve seen mountains of lawyer writing – little of it is top-notch.) In fact, some of our best clients are lawyers and law firms who want clutter-free, user-friendly business documents. Our job is to clearly state all operative terms and define a set of promises, so that duties (who's going to do what), conditions, or breach are easily recognized and understood.

We never use the following legalese when it's avoidable — "whereas," "therefore," "notwithstanding," "heretofore," "foregoing," "herein," "hereby," "in no event," "including, but not limited to," "thereafter," "including without limitation," "to the extent," "in the event," "covenants and agrees," "subject to the provisions hereof," "shall be binding," "hereunder," "hereinafter referred to as," "without limiting the foregoing," "shall" (unless used to mean — 'has a duty to').

If you want business agreements without this mind-numbing garbage, you've come to the right place.  As expert writers we won't compromise our dignity or your effectiveness by using cumbersome or useless words and phrases. If any lawyer tells you these words are necessary to a contract's validity or utility, run screaming.


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We’ll leave it to you to have the lawyers muck it up.   They'll explain if the bargain or document conforms to applicable law (i.e., creates obligations recognizable at law), or if other legal issues, concerns, or laws ought to be addressed, or whether a little intentional vagueness is advisable.  

Two things are certain: If you first present them with a clear, well-written document embodying or explaining a deal, rather than asking them to start from scratch—

* You'll strengthen your negotiating position with the other party, and

* You'll spend less time and money on lawyers when seeking their counsel.

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1Please Note: Probizwriters, LLC does not offer legal services or advice. 

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