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Consumers' Guide to Surviving Lawyers - a new book by David K. Speaker

Probizwriters and David Speaker will soon publish this easy-to-read, yet critical, "how-to" book about a subject that affects everyone, and in which there is overwhelming interest—managing relations with lawyers.  In today's litigious and legalistic culture your odds of needing to hire a lawyer are very high. Very few will avoid it, and when that need arises only a handful are prepared to properly manage the relationship. Because lawyers are too busy to explain the relationship for you or help you grasp the complexities of the legal system, this book fills the void.

Have you had troubles with lawyers? Would you like to avoid problems with lawyers? When dealing with lawyers, you need an edge.

troublesome lawyer book

Why are we doing this?  To make sure consumers of legal services and businesses are empowered to get the most out of their dealings with lawyers and the judicial institutions, save money, and avoid a bad experience. 

Do you want an edge over your adversary? Would you like to strengthen your bargaining position?

Consumers' Guide to Surviving Lawyers reveals insider secrets and useful information designed to improve consumer and business executives' experience in dealing with lawyers.  It's aim is to maximize the prospect of working successfully and affordably within the legal system.  It is packed with useful information links, guides, and resources for those who want to know what's going on.

Here's what you wish you had known before you hired your last lawyer.   It's the handbook to read before you hire your next lawyer!

The Consumers' Guide also strives to improve clients' initiative, their understanding of the system, and their self reliance. It fosters wise information management regarding the legal matters and processes affecting them.  Knowledge is power, and when dealing with lawyers and legal issues, knowledge tools are essential. That's what the Consumers' Guide to Surviving Lawyers is.  It's based on 20 years of practice within the system, a change in perspective, and the many obvious dysfunctions troubling legal processes.

Subjects include:

Hiring lawyers, best communication practices, evidence management, lawyers fees, controlling costs, managing lawyers, why good lawyer client relations go bad, judicial system limitations, lawsuit alternatives, problem solving vs. suing, what you don't need a lawyer for, where to find non-lawyer solutions, legal malpractice, lawyer misconduct, lawyer limitations, firing lawyers, lawyer jokes, resources and tools, among many other Knotty Points.

See Excerpts

A Knotty Point - Harper's Weekly, 1874

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Read This Book - Take Charge

Get Better Results from Your Lawyer
and Save Money

Are you eager to be "in the know" when others aren't?  Do you want information that most people -- including your competitors -- don't have?  Are you fed up with lawyers’ fees, delays, and the judicial abyss?

Consumers’ Guide to Surviving Lawyers delivers both a broad conceptual understanding of the lawyering world and step-by-step, practical information that exposes sweet-talking, over-charging, under-performing lawyers.

It shows you how to best manage lawyers, and to assure they are working for you.  Intelligent and witty, this wide-ranging book offers practical guidance on "must know" questions about the lawyer-client relationship.

Consumers' Guide to Surviving Lawyers Could Save You Thousands of Dollars!

Besides being extremely informative and helpful, "Consumers’ Guide to Surviving Lawyers" is fun and interesting to read, which can’t be said about many law-related books.  Clearly written, free of "legalese" and "lawyer jargon," the book informs and educates without being complicated, boring, or lawyer-like.  Mr. Speaker provides his unique insight and behind-the-scenes view of what’s essential to understanding and controlling frustrating legal processes.

This book is a must for anyone embroiled in a legal dispute or anybody who anticipates needing a lawyer’s help with a legal matter (i.e., everybody).  It’s a great reference tool that you’ll use over and over again.

Your worst problem may not be the opposition, but your Lawyer!

Here you’ll learn when lawyers can just get in the way, and when it’s appropriate to argue your own case.  When it’s not (which is most of the time), you’ll learn how to find the right lawyer for the situation and for you, not the opportunist lawyer lurking around every corner. YOU will assume control.  In today's litigious culture, this book helps you keep your sanity, your money, and your future.

Consumers’ Guide to Surviving Lawyers –

Offers simple ways for individuals and companies to supervise lawyers.

Provides hugely valuable insight into managing the relationship with cost efficiency and business savvy.

A must for any reference shelf.

An absolute must for anyone hiring a lawyer.

A no-nonsense approach.

An essential, practical guide to the attorney-client relationship.

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Wisely managing your lawyer-client relations is vital. If you would like to share your experience dealing with lawyers and contribute to this important book, please  Take our Surviving Lawyers E-Survey -  Response to this important survey has been overwhelming, and we continue to welcome additional survey responses, which will aid in the development of content for subsequent editions of the Consumers' Guide to Surviving Lawyers. As we compile additional survey responses, we will also assure the reliability of our data. It only takes about 10 minutes. Thanks for your help!

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