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Did you hesitate before clicking to this page? If you did, we almost lost you. Glad you made it—web development and content are essential business communication tools these days!

You have a couple of seconds at best to connect with your visitor -- so what you say and how you say it has to be exceptionally focused and exceptionally effective.  Today, almost all businesses communicate through the web at some level, and everyone uses the web to find stuff.  Usage and user proficiency increase exponentially each year.  With such a high profile, your business web content is critical.

What do you want your website to do for you? Do you want it tell a better story?

Whatever your purpose, the writing and content will make it happen.  The graphics may help, and search engine optimization will corral traffic, but ultimately, it’s the words that get your visitors’ attention, and enable them to understand quickly.  In fact, Forrester Research's Media Field Study has revealed that 75% of users return to sites for the strong content and information turnover.  Keeping content current is also key.

Is your purpose to inform, to sell, to make the reader act?  Does your website really serve these objectives?  A small fraction of all websites pull their visitors very far in, much less get them to make a decision and take action.  Your website’s job is to keep them there, to keep them reading, to get them interested, and to make them want to continue reading.

How do we do this?

First, by letting your visitor instantly recognize what your site is all about, and that it likely contains what they’re looking for—useful information, the right product or service.  They don’t want to spend any time in the wrong place, so their first question is "am I in the right place?"  If you don’t answer that at once, they’ll assume they’re not in the right place and move on—"click."

To be effective, your web-content writing also has to be of a particular style, and artfully loaded with appropriate key words.  It must also give the visitor a comfortable, confident feeling ... and let them trust the people behind the site.  How are these feelings conveyed?  Through experienced web-business writing.

When doing business on the web you’re putting your own personal magazine cover out there for everyone to closely examine anonymously. Talk about scrutiny!  The writing simply must be exceptional.  Unfortunately millions of websites lack the high-caliber web writing necessary to hold the visitor’s attention, make a great impression, and induce action.

We can distill the essence that you want to get across.   Our web-content writing will persuade your reader, address their interests, and make them feel comfortable enough to take the action you expect.  We are expert in isolating appropriate key words, developing page flow and connectivity, and managing meta tags. We also work closely with SEO (search engine optimization) and e-commerce specialists as needed to accomplish your website’s mission.

Staying on top of your web content is vital.  Don’t hesitate.

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