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Self-Directed IRA Investment Opportunities at E Trust -

Few Americans realize they may self-direct their IRAs and other retirement plans into real estate and mixed assets with reliably higher returns. Most investors believe IRA investments are limited to bank CDs, the stock market, or mutual funds—and IRA custodians conveniently endorse this misinformation.

If you're a successful investor in real estate or other assets, or just seek to diversify your retirement portfolio, merging your IRA with these diverse investments can be a powerful combination. The considerable advantages of self-directing your IRA include:

The power of compound interest
Reduction of taxable income
Asset protection
Estate planning

More Benefits of a Self-Directed Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

Invest with Knowledge, Expertise and Comfort —

Who you choose as your self-directed IRA custodian makes a big difference. See Why E Trust is the Preferred Choice.

While most IRA custodians limit your investment options, E Trust's clients flexibly control their own financial future with our broad range of investment opportunities. Our clients can apply their own investment experience and successes in their investment comfort zone to their IRAs and retirement plans.

What kind of wealth can you create with an E Trust self-directed real estate IRA? Find out with the E Trust Self-Directed IRA Wealth Calculator.

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Self Directed IRA Investment Opportunities at E Trust

Very few Americans realize that they have the option to self direct their IRAs and other retirement plans into real estate and other assets. Most investors believe that their only IRA investment options are bank CDs or the stock market and mutual funds - because they have been given this inaccurate information by their current IRA custodian.

If you are already a successful investor in real estate or other assets, or are just looking to diversify your retirement portfolio, the combination of higher (and more dependable) rates of return and your IRA can be very powerful. The tremendous advantages IRAs and other retirement plans offer Americans include the following:

The power of compound interest
Reduction of taxable income
Asset protection
Estate planning

Click for more information on the Benefits of a Self Directed Individual Retirement Account (IRA). However, not all self directed IRA custodians are the same! See Why E Trust is the Preferred Choice. Invest with knowledge, expertise and comfort

While most IRA custodians limit the investment options you are able to make, clients at E Trust are afforded complete control over their financial future. We offer a broad range of investment opportunities that allow our clients to apply their knowledge in investment areas in which they are already successful (and comfortable) to their IRAs and other retirement plans. What kind of wealth can be created for you and your family with an E Trust self directed real estate IRA? Find out with the E Trust Self Directed IRA Wealth Calculator.

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The following are selected sections of a complex and technical website addressing non-chemical water treatment issues and products:

Problem: The water used in HVACR systems must be treated to address the pervasive problem of heat-inhibiting scale buildup, which costs industry and government billions of dollars annually in energy and water efficiency losses, and maintenance costs. Corrosion, algae, bacteria, and Legionella compound the problem by creating health hazards and increasing maintenance costs.  Owners endeavor to eliminate these problems and maximize the operating efficiency and safety of these HVACR systems, while minimizing operating costs. This occurs by ensuring the quality and cleanliness of the systems’ water or steam.

The historically common approach to maintaining water quality is introducing highly toxic chemicals into the system. Chemical use poses several fundamental problems – 1.) They create serious health, safety, and pollution hazards, which impose costs, risks, and liability in conjunction with their use, 2.) They're less than fully effective, and 3.) They require continuous investment in labor, material, and water. Facility owners and operators suffer these problems when administering chemicals to maintain water quality. Because most seek to avoid or minimize these problems, they often compromise, minimize chemical use, and sacrifice the operating efficiency of their systems and components.


Apply Water-Treatment Technology that Solves Problems Without Creating Other Problems

Most water-treatment methods attempt to solve (and may partially solve) the problems they address, but at a price—the creation of other problems. Generally solving the water-treatment problem requires that the methods used be specifically designed to avoid creating other collateral problems. This is best accomplished with a combination of non-chemical technologies including ionization, magnetohydrodynamics, centrifugal filtration, and sweeper jets. It’s a simple choice: replace the old, expensive, risky chemical treatment program with non-chemical methods.  Continuing with traditional treatment methods ensures the problems (and their costs) will persist, additional problems will arise, and actually solving water-treatment problems will not occur.


The cost of operating HVACR systems typically includes personnel, chemicals, water and sewer, electric, and maintenance services. These costs are persistent and significant, averaging between $8,000.00 and $10,000.00 per year for a 200 ton cooling tower. Reducing and controlling these costs is a constant struggle


Adopt Water-Treatment Technologies that Eliminate the Fouling Problems Causing High Operating Costs

Minimizing the various costs of operating a heating or cooling system is essential to any property owner’s bottom line, and also serves broader public interests like water and energy conservation and pollution reduction.  Accomplishing this low-operating-cost imperative requires that system equipment be properly managed to function at its design efficiency—without using toxic chemicals.  If a system operator permits even minor fouling factors to persist, the system’s operating efficiency necessarily declines causing substantial operating cost increases.  

This needless cost problem can be avoided by ensuring hard-water scale and biomass are consistently prevented from accumulating and compromising a system’s operating efficiency. This is best accomplished with a combination of non-chemical technologies including ionization, magnetohydrodynamics, and centrifugal filtration. It’s a simple choice: replace the old, expensive, risky chemical treatment program with non-chemical methods.

Solve the Problems that Require Intensive Maintenance Programs

Properly managing the problems requiring maintenance is the only way to minimize Down Time. If the problems normally associated with heating and cooling systems are permitted to persist, down time is unavoidable.  Non-chemical water-treatment solutions are comparatively maintenance free because instead of merely “treating” maintenance nightmares like hard-water scale, corrosion, and Legionella, they actually solve the problems.  This in turn almost eliminates the maintenance typically necessary for a cooling or heating system.  Administering chemicals, manually de-scaling pipes, repairing corrosion damage, removing debris, and testing for bacteria can all be eliminated or substantially reduced through the wise choice of treatment technology.

Special Engineering — This division solves numerous water treatment problems by combining effective technologies.  Water of a certain quality and temperature is integral to a wide variety of manufacturing, food preparation, and agricultural processes.  Poor water quality can foul manufacturing and food-processing systems, decrease efficiency, and increase costs.  Hard-water scale, particulate and organic contaminants, pH balance, volatile organic chlorides (voc’s) are frequently addressed using various BigCo synergistic technologies including the CWI and Ionizer. 

Future applications for BigCo’ specially engineered fluid-treatment technology are numerous. An example of specially engineered products and processes is the combination of BigCo’ CWI with filtration and an ion adsorption media patented by NASA engineers.  This specially engineered technology combination successfully removes zinc from discharge water in power-generation plants.  Zinc and other heavy metal discharge from power-generation facilities and many other industries is a serious and costly environmental concern.  Many industries routinely pay and expense large EPA fines because of these discharges.  The same process may be adapted for use in other industries where heavy metal (copper, silver, lead, zinc, cadmium, chrome, gold) discharge is a significant and growing problem.  

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