Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Business Writing Tip 22 - Framing the Issue

Framing the issue or question at hand "clearly" has many advantages. Sometimes this requires simplifying difficult ideas. If you are negotiating or attempting to resolve an adversarial situation, you gain an advantage by clearly framing the issue before the other party does, since all answers depend on the questions asked. If you frame the issue, you're better positioned to control the dialog.

After you've framed the issue satisfactorily, present the framed question or issue to your reading audience within the first 60 seconds of their review. Deliver the goods right up front. This strengthens the issue framing effort.

Part of framing an issue or question effectively is assuring that your underlying premises are unassailable. Framing must be done in a manner that enables the reader to "get their mind around" an issue or question, and feel comfortable with the decision they have to make.

A properly framed question or issue delivers the answer or solution to the reader at the same time, without stating it. When this isn't possible, then immediately follow the question with the answer, demonstrating that your answer is the obvious one.

When your "framing" governs the dialog, you are more likely to accomplish the mission of your writing.


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