Writing Employee Policies and Procedures

Writing employee policies and procedures

Employee policy and procedures manuals are used for many purposes. They come in many shapes and sizes.

Employee policy manuals go by a variety of names. Here are a few:

  • Organizational Policy Manual.
  • Departmental Policy and Procedures Manual.
  • Operating Policy and Procedures Manual.
  • Employee Manual (Handbook).
  • Employment Manual.
  • Human Resources Policy Manual.

Their primary function is employee education and good governance. Unfortunately, they often miss the mark because they’re poorly written, disorganized, or not well maintained. Sometimes they don’t even distinguish between “policy” and “procedure.” Continue reading Writing Employee Policies and Procedures

What is a Sales Manual? How to Write a Sales Manual

sales-manual-king_of_the_salesmenYour company depends on its sales team’s performance and capabilities—in fact, sales personnel who reliably get the job done year-in and year-out are indispensable. That’s why smart companies keep sales teams highly informed about all things essential, relevant and helpful to being “smart” and effective. They supply every resource the sales team needs to do the job exceptionally well, and keep them well trained. And they do this with intentionality and deliberateness. Continue reading What is a Sales Manual? How to Write a Sales Manual

Business Buzzwords Need Attention

Business Buzzwords are Overused

business buzzwords
Business Buzzwords are a double-edged sword. They cut both ways, can be good, bad, or ugly. Buzzwords and buzzphrases are everywhere—so much so that we don’t even notice them. Unfortunately, buzzwords are rarely used to great effect.

Here are some great pointers to help you avoid the buzzword trap and its ill effects on you and your business. Continue reading Business Buzzwords Need Attention