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Probizwriters' Education Series - Part V


Dear David,

Here's the fifth in our common business-writing mistakes series-using business buzzwords. Business writers reflexively use buzzwords, usually inappropriately and definitely too often, and this article shows you how to make effective use of buzzwords and avoid the buzzword trap's ill effects on your credibility. Your copy, message, and image will  be more original.

Hope you enjoy this installment No.5.   

To help our readers, we've presented "how-to" detail on four other common writing problems in recent weeks. If you missed them, please take a look:



Business Buzzwords are Overused

Business Buzzwords are a double-edged sword. They cut both ways. They can be good, bad, or ugly. Buzzwords and buzzphrases are everywhere-so much so that we don't even notice them. Unfortunately, buzzwords are rarely used to great effect.


Here are some great pointers to help you avoid the buzzword trap and its ill effects on you and your business.


What's a buzzword? A word that is "popular" or "trendy" or "hip" or "stylish" and usually overused. The second edition of Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (2005) defines buzzword as "a word or phrase, often sounding authoritative or technical, that is a vogue term in a particular profession, field of study, popular culture, etc."   


To know when to use or avoid business buzzwords,  


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Watch for more articles on business-writing issues soon.
Thanks for reading. We hope you find this business-writing information useful.
David Speaker,
Executive Editor
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