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Probizwriters' Education Series - Part III


Dear David,

Here's the third in our common business-writing mistakes series -- ampersand usage. Errors in ampersand usage are really common in business copy, and this short set of rules shows you how to avoid incorrect overuse of the artful symbol. Your copy and readers will be better off. Give your copy a professionalism boost.

Hope you enjoy this third installment.   

Stay tuned for two more series articles:
  • Failure to rightly use and distinguish between dashes, em dashes, and en dashes.
  • Overusing or misusing "buzzwords."
To help our readers, we've presented "how-to" detail on two other common writing problems in recent weeks. If you missed them, please take a look:



Ampersands are Commonly and Incorrectly Overused

Writers in business contexts often appear clueless when using ampersands, and they frequently get ampersand usage wrong. I see it every day in my commercial copy editing work.


But the ampersand and and have distinct functions, meanings, and uses. Worse, writers commonly and casually overuse the ampersand as a fully interchangeable equivalent of and


That's why we assembled this easy list of ampersand usage rules.


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Watch for the other Top-Five business-writing problems soon.
We hope you find this business-writing information useful.
David Speaker,
Executive Editor
Probizwriters, LLC
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