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Hyphenating Phrasal Adjectives
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Probizwriters' Education Series - Part II


Dear David,

Here's the second in our common business-writing mistakes series -- understanding how and when to hyphenate phrasal adjectives. This is a major problem in business copy, but with this set of rules/tips, you'll get it right and avoid any more embarrassment. Give your copy a professionalism boost.

Stay tuned for three more articles:
  • Failure to rightly use and distinguish between dashes, em dashes, and en dashes.
  • Not knowing when to use "&" versus "and."
  • Overusing or misusing "buzzwords."
To help our readers, we're presenting "how-to" detail on each of these top-five writing problems over the coming weeks. Hope you enjoy this second installment.  


 Phrasal Adjectives - aka Compound Adjectives or Compound Modifiers

Phrasal adjectives (also called compound adjectives) are hyphenated. For the most part. Are you among the zillions of writers who miss this signal detail? Don't be. Just follow the fairly straightforward rules and exceptions explained here, and you'll master this important writing tool.


What is a phrasal adjective? Phrases often function as adjectives. When a number of words together modify or describe a noun, the phrase is ordinarily hyphenated.


The general rule: if two or more consecutive words make sense only when understood together as an adjective modifying a noun, hyphenate those words. (But, grasping the rule's exceptions is just as important.)


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Watch for the other Top-Five business-writing problems soon.
We hope you find this information useful.
David Speaker
Probizwriters, LLC
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