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Dear David,

Happy new year everyone! During the holidays I reflected on common business-writing mistakes appearing repeatedly over the last couple of years and came up with five key problems that are persistent and embarrassing. Fortunately, each is readily explained and fixed--giving your copy a professionalism boost:
  • Improper punctuation of bullet lists.
  • Failure to rightly use and distinguish between dashes, em dashes, and en dashes.
  • Not hyphenating phrasal (compound) adjectives.
  • Not knowing when to use "&" versus "and."
  • Overusing or misusing "buzzwords."
To help our readers, we're presenting "how-to"l detail on each of these top-five writing problems over the coming weeks. The first installment is ready for the brave among you to dive in. 


Punctuation of Bullet Lists
Punctuating Bullet Lists is Widely Misunderstood.

Everyone uses bullet lists (vertical lists in which the order of listed items doesn't matter and items are preceded by the same mark, usually a black dot). Increasingly popular as data and content explode, business writers rely heavily on lists to grab readers' attention and convey information quickly. Despite their utility, writers often ignore or misunderstand proper punctuation of bullet lists. As an editor I've witnessed first-hand how this problem regularly embarrasses business writers. Incorrect punctuation of bullet lists is a distraction and bad for your message's readability.


Here are some simple rules and samples to help you get it right.


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Watch for the other Top-Five business-writing problems soon.
We hope you find this information useful.
David Speaker
Probizwriters, LLC
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