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Writing a Sound Business Plan in the Stone Industry

- Published in Stone Business Magazine - October and November 2006

By David K. Speaker

In late October 2006 Stone Business Magazine published Part I of this informative article, written by professional business plan writer David Speaker. It addresses why business plans are important, how to get started, and why writing a good plan can improve your bottom line. Stone Business Magazine is the premier industry trade magazine for the rapidly growing natural stone and stone fabrication industries.  

In late November, Stone Business Magazine published Part II.  In Part II, we review:

• the tools you need for conducting your market analysis;

• how to gather statistics;

• the essentials of financial information and basics of presentation; and

• how to shop your plan and find the right audience.

David Speaker is a professional business writer and document expert.  He operates Probizwriters, LLC, a full-service business-writing consultancy based in Ohio, serving clients throughout North America.  He can be found at

Copyright 2006, David K. Speaker. All rights reserved.

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